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How is a commercial truck accident different from a car accident?

Even though both truck accidents and car accidents fall under the legal theory and principle of negligence, commercial truck accidents are different from car accidents in several respects. In general a commercial truck commonly referred to as a semitrailer - when loaded with its cargo - is estimated to weigh nearly 25 times more than an average car. Additionally, a commercial truck is typically much larger in size when compared to a typical car.

What is considered impaired driving in AZ and does it cause harm?

Impaired driving generally refers to a reduction in the ability of a driver to perform driving skills considered to be critical for the safe operation of a vehicle. Many people may be under the wrong impression that a driver is considered to be impaired only if that person is under the influence of alcohol. The terms impaired driving and drunk driving are interchangeably used by many. However, our Arizona residents may find it informative to learn that impaired driving can be caused by not only alcohol but also other drugs.

Drunk driver collides with another vehicle, kills one

Most Arizona residents who drive a car or some other vehicle understand that all drivers on the road have an ongoing responsibility to obey traffic laws, be alert and drive safely. Despite the caution one may observe on the road while driving, there may be others who may not observe the laws and cause an accident which may result in either serious injuries or death.

Have you suffered serious injuries in a car accident?

The reasons for a car accident can be numerous and multi-factorial, but one thing is for sure: one can not only suffer serious injuries but also potentially lose their life. Car accidents do not give drivers on the roads notice that they are going to happen and many wrecks happen so fast that victims involved may not know exactly what happened.

The impact of drunk driving accidents on others

Arizona residents may find it alarming to learn that over 230 billion trips are taken in cars by Americans every single year, and one in every 2,000 trips of the 230 billion annual trips is taken by someone who is driving while impaired from consuming alcohol. Nearly one in three traffic deaths are caused or involve a drunk driver.

Who can be held liable for injuries in a truck accident?

Trucks are the transport method of choice for delivering goods and products all over the country, and drivers have to share the highways with trucks that, when laden with cargo, can weigh as much as 25 times the weight of an average car. This means that when accidents occur between large trucks and regular motor vehicles the damage inflicted by the truck on a typical car is usually more destructive, and many times will cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Semi-truck accidents on the rise

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that the number of truck accidents that result in fatalities has been on the increase and become an uncomfortable all too common of an occurrence now-a-days. According to numbers put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, motorists on American highways are subjected to nearly 11 fatal truck accidents on any given day, on average. That equates to almost 4,000 people being killed as a direct consequence of truck accidents every year in this country. In one case, a mother and her two young children were instantly killed when a semi-trailer driver collided with their car. The semi-driver was also killed.

Spate of wrong-way drunk driving accidents cause injuries

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a recent cluster of wrong-way accidents, caused predominately by drunk drivers on several Arizona thoroughfares, have resulted in serious injuries and even death. Even though Arizona state officials have attempted to stem such accidents by installing bigger signs to forewarn drivers that they are going the wrong way in many locations, the accidents still happen.

Two killed in multi-car accident, investigation continues

Arizona residents who have been in a car accident or know someone who has been in one understand how devastating the whole experience can be, particularly when one sustains serious injuries or is killed. Our readers may find it interesting to learn that recently in Mesa, AZ, two people lost their lives when a driver, who is believed to have been impaired, slammed into their vehicle as they were stopped at a red light.

Many injured, four killed in multi-vehicle accident at AZ border

Semi-trucks are an intregral part of the transportation of goods, and many people routinely drive beside them as they carry various loads. However, truck accidents can result in very serious injuries and even deaths to those who must share the roadways with big rigs.

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