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What is a chemical burn?

A burn is classified as a chemical burn when a corrosive or irritating material such as an acid or base comes in contact with a person's skin or eyes. Even though skin serves as a barrier to protect internal organs from the outside world, a chemical exposure may result in a reaction which penetrates the skin and affects not only the skin but also other organs in the body.

Bill to ban texting & driving fails

News reports about a car accident caused by a distracted driver are not uncommon to read. Though many states now have laws banning texting and driving for all drivers, our Arizona residents will find it interesting to learn that currently, Arizona law only bans school bus drivers from using wireless devices when behind the wheel.

Can drowsy driving result in car accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines an accident caused by drowsy driving as one which occurred because the driver of the vehicle was fatigued, actually asleep behind the wheel or drowsy when driving.

What is a burn injury and what can cause it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, burn injuries can occur under various circumstances such as in a home, hotel, workplaces and even in car accidents. A burn injury is an injury that affects the layers of skin and could be a thermal burn, chemical or electrical burn. Thermal burns refer to burn injuries which occur when a person comes in contact with hot surfaces, flames and even hot liquids.

Understanding dog bite injury incidence and how to prevent them

Almost anyone who has owned a dog will agree that dogs are loving animals and make wonderful and loyal pets. But like humans, dogs have personalities and how they behave and interact with other animals and humans not only depends on their upbringing but also what they perceive as a threat. Sometimes even a loving dog may attack others and cause injuries.

Coffee making machine implicated in burn injures

Many of us enjoy coffee in the morning to energize the day. Rarely does making a hot cup of coffee elicit images of personal injury or harm. However, recently over seven million units of Keurig coffee making systems were recalled after there were about 90 reports of burn injuries.

Owner liability, defenses and damages in animal bite cases

Both pet owners and those individuals who have been bitten or attacked by another person's pet may find the following information helpful in understanding pet owner liability, potential responsibilities of other parties in an animal bite lawsuit, potential defenses, as well as damages a victim may be able to recover in such cases.

Suspected street car racing results in one death, two injuries

Most Arizona drivers are cognizant of the fact that they must share the road with other drivers. Given that driving is a privilege, all drivers have an ongoing obligation to ensure that they are law-abiding and that they observe all existing laws. In a perfect world, all drivers would obey laws, respect rules, follow speed limits and, as a result, car accidents would not occur. Sadly, today's society is not perfect, and despite statutes put in place to prevent car accidents, they routinely happen, which can cause debilitating injuries and even death.

Man suffers burn injuries after woman pours hot oil on him

Arizona residents may find a recent criminal case disturbing. In this case a recently divorced 38-year-old woman caused her ex-husband serious third-degree burns injuries when she poured hot oil on him as he slept. According to reports the 38-year-old woman and her ex-husband had recently divorced, and had two children.

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