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Bill to ban texting & driving fails

News reports about a car accident caused by a distracted driver are not uncommon to read. Though many states now have laws banning texting and driving for all drivers, our Arizona residents will find it interesting to learn that currently, Arizona law only bans school bus drivers from using wireless devices when behind the wheel.

Two-car accident seriously injures drivers of both vehicles

Driving is a privilege, and all drivers who hold a valid driver's license have an on-going duty to take reasonable care when driving on roadways. It is important to obey all traffic laws, and be attentive. Despite these common sense rules, car accidents happen every day and cause injuries.

Involved in a car accident? What next?

Car accidents happen to unsuspecting motorists without warning or notice and any Arizona driver can be involved in a car accident at any time. Whether it is a head-on collision, rear-end collision or a T-bone accident, the nature of one's injuries and their severity may depend on the type of impact that occurred during the accident. Injuries can range from head, neck, spine and back injuries to broken bones and even burn injuries. Clearly, a driver can sustain serious injuries, which can result in a permanent disability. In some cases, a driver even may tragically lose his or her life.

Car accident claims the life of one, seriously injures another

Most drivers probably realize that they are assuming some risk when they decide to get behind the wheel. Nevertheless, driving is a privilege and all drivers have an on-going duty to obey all laws and be attentive while driving. Sadly, car accidents are a daily occurrence, and can result in death and serious injuries.

Arizona motorcyclist killed in car accident

When the weather outside is beautiful, it is not uncommon for many Arizona drivers to see people walking, cycling and riding their motorcycles. Even though most people tend to drive a car, when using the roadways they should always be aware of other forms and modes of transportation that others might use. Drivers not used to seeing bicyclists or motorcyclists, for instance, may collide with them causing serious injury and even death.

AZ rest areas encourage drivers to avoid distracted driving

Many Arizona residents may not find it surprising to learn that, according to the regional vice president of GEICO, distracted driving is one of the leading causes for an increasing number of fatalities and injuries on the roadways in the U.S. Distracted driving is also an issue in Arizona and can result in serious injuries and death.

Suspected street car racing results in one death, two injuries

Most Arizona drivers are cognizant of the fact that they must share the road with other drivers. Given that driving is a privilege, all drivers have an ongoing obligation to ensure that they are law-abiding and that they observe all existing laws. In a perfect world, all drivers would obey laws, respect rules, follow speed limits and, as a result, car accidents would not occur. Sadly, today's society is not perfect, and despite statutes put in place to prevent car accidents, they routinely happen, which can cause debilitating injuries and even death.

Car accident injures couple

Most drivers at some level are familiar with the term distracted driving. For many, the term elicits images of motorists behind the wheel talking on their cell phones or texting. However, our Arizona residents will find it interesting to learn that according to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, distracted driving is not limited to using a cell phone, but is any activity which diverts the driver's attention from the primary task of driving.

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