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What is a chemical burn?

A burn is classified as a chemical burn when a corrosive or irritating material such as an acid or base comes in contact with a person's skin or eyes. Even though skin serves as a barrier to protect internal organs from the outside world, a chemical exposure may result in a reaction which penetrates the skin and affects not only the skin but also other organs in the body.

Have you been injured in a truck accident?

Large semi-trucks are a common sight on Arizona roads. Unfortunately, when a semi truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle often suffer serious injury or even death.

What is a burn injury and what can cause it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, burn injuries can occur under various circumstances such as in a home, hotel, workplaces and even in car accidents. A burn injury is an injury that affects the layers of skin and could be a thermal burn, chemical or electrical burn. Thermal burns refer to burn injuries which occur when a person comes in contact with hot surfaces, flames and even hot liquids.

How is a commercial truck accident different from a car accident?

Even though both truck accidents and car accidents fall under the legal theory and principle of negligence, commercial truck accidents are different from car accidents in several respects. In general a commercial truck commonly referred to as a semitrailer - when loaded with its cargo - is estimated to weigh nearly 25 times more than an average car. Additionally, a commercial truck is typically much larger in size when compared to a typical car.

What are some common causes of car-truck accident?

There may be a misconception out there that when an 18-wheeler, also known as a big rig, is involved in an accident on the roadways with a car, the car occupants are automatically entitled to compensation. However, the reality is that even though an accident between a car and big rig can be much more serious and deadly because of the size difference, it does not automatically mean that the truck driver was at fault or negligent.

Does it matter what kind of animal attacks or bites me?

If you are in the unfortunate position of having been the victim of an animal attack, you may be surprised to find out that depending on the state where the attack took place, your rights may vary based on the type of animal that injured you in the attack.

Who can be held liable for injuries in a truck accident?

Trucks are the transport method of choice for delivering goods and products all over the country, and drivers have to share the highways with trucks that, when laden with cargo, can weigh as much as 25 times the weight of an average car. This means that when accidents occur between large trucks and regular motor vehicles the damage inflicted by the truck on a typical car is usually more destructive, and many times will cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Arizona woman implicated in drunk driving accident

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, over 10,000 people lost their lives in impaired driving accidents in 2012 alone. This statistic may lead some people to pause and think about the consequences and impact that drunk driving accidents have on other unsuspecting motorists on the road. For public safety reasons, states across the U.S. have laws against driving while intoxicated. Even though laws are in place, people still sustain serious injuries and even die in drunk driving accidents that are caused by someone else's negligence.

Woman from China killed in collision near Grand Canyon

Imagine travelling to another country with your friends or family, and then a serious auto accident happens, injuring you or your travelling partners. The situation is likely to fill anyone with desperation and confusion. If another driver is at fault for the accident, then it may be necessary to take legal action in what are already unfamiliar circumstances.

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