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Drunk driver kills two, injures one and paralyzes a child

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the average person has a 30 percent chance of either being injured or killed by a drunk driver. In fact, according to statistics, in 2003 nearly 42 percent of all traffic deaths were alcohol related. Sadly, drunk driving accidents are still a leading cause of death. Clearly, driving drunk is a public safety issue which can result not only in death, but also catastrophic injuries for those involved.

TV actor suffers injuries in car accident

Our Arizona readers who are fans of the hit show American Horror Story may find it interesting to learn that actor Dalton Gray, who played the role of Master Mike on the latest season, recently suffered injuries in a car accident.

Wrong-way drunk driver kills one and injures another

Most drivers in Arizona are aware that driving is a privilege and upon issuance of a driving license, they have a legal duty to obey all traffic laws while operating their vehicle. Though many people take this duty seriously, others fail to do so. This breach of duty can cause harm to another, taking many forms. Fortunately, victims may be able to hold a negligent driver liable for damages and injuries stemming from the accident.

Drunk driver collides with another vehicle, kills one

Most Arizona residents who drive a car or some other vehicle understand that all drivers on the road have an ongoing responsibility to obey traffic laws, be alert and drive safely. Despite the caution one may observe on the road while driving, there may be others who may not observe the laws and cause an accident which may result in either serious injuries or death.

Accident caused by drunk driver kills motorcycle officer

In a sad turn of events, according to the Chandler Police Department, recently a 37-year-old motorcycle officer lost his life in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Preliminary accident investigation reports indicated that the traffic accident occurred half past midnight at an intersection in Chandler.

Involved in an accident with a drunk driver, know your options

Being involved in any kind of a car accident can have a tremendous effect on one's life both physically and financially. In some cases those involved in a car accident may not sustain any injuries at all. However, in many cases a car accident can cause severe injuries that can be either permanent or temporary, and sadly in other cases lives may be lost.

The impact of drunk driving accidents on others

Arizona residents may find it alarming to learn that over 230 billion trips are taken in cars by Americans every single year, and one in every 2,000 trips of the 230 billion annual trips is taken by someone who is driving while impaired from consuming alcohol. Nearly one in three traffic deaths are caused or involve a drunk driver.

Spate of wrong-way drunk driving accidents cause injuries

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a recent cluster of wrong-way accidents, caused predominately by drunk drivers on several Arizona thoroughfares, have resulted in serious injuries and even death. Even though Arizona state officials have attempted to stem such accidents by installing bigger signs to forewarn drivers that they are going the wrong way in many locations, the accidents still happen.

Arizona wrong-way collisions lead to emergency meeting

Arizona residents should be interested to know that a spike in head-on collisions has raised the concern of Arizona law enforcement officials. Three unrelated head-on crashes occurred in less than a week; all three incidents resulted in multiple fatalities. In response, law enforcement authorities held an emergency meeting in conjunction with transportation officials in order to come up with a solution to deal with the problem.

One killed, two injured in head-on car accident in Arizona

According to recent reports, a 66-year-old man lost his life when the vehicle he was driving was hit head-on by a car being operated by a possibly drunk driver. Accident investigators are still piecing the tragic head-on collision together, but preliminary investigations indicate that the car accident occurred in the afternoon on Kolb Road between Irvington and Valencia Roads in Tucson, when a car traveling in opposite direction collided with the 66-year-old man's car.

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