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Dangers that lead to truck accidents

When Arizona residents think about the trucking industry, they think about the role these large commercial vehicles play in society. Big rig trucks are frequently used to deliver goods and make long-distance shipments. While this is viewed as necessary to most, the trucking industry is also the source of various danger and risks on the roadways. Truck drivers are responsible for operating large vehicles, and they are expected to use a certain level of care when doing so.

Helping victims protect their rights following a truck crash

Every day, motorists in Arizona share the road with large commercial trucks. While it is commonplace to encounter tractor-trailer trucks and semi-trucks on the roadways, this fact does not make it any easier on drivers who travel near one or several of these massive vehicles. While truckers are trained to drive these trucks long distances, they do not always follow the regulations that control safety within the trucking industry. In fact, it is often the case that these federal trucking regulations are violated, resulting in serious and fatal truck accidents.

Truck driver fatigue and proposed rules to reduce it

For motorists in Arizona, nothing is scarier than seeing a large commercial truck coming at you head-on. While many drivers do not consider this a likely event, the fact is that drowsy or fatigued truck drivers could be the cause of a serous or even fatal truck accident.

Helping you navigate a civil action following a truck accident

While it is commonplace to encounter a semi-truck or tractor-trailer truck on the roads, these large vehicles can cause some motorists various concerns. The massive size of a commercial truck could easily generate significant damage in the event of a truck accident. Additionally, those involved in the crash are likely to suffer serious injuries.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Commercial trucks are commonplace on major roadways. While motorists in Arizona and elsewhere frequently share the roads with large semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks, sharing the road with these massive vehicles is not like sharing the road with smaller ones. Trucks do not maneuver the same way passenger cars do, and unfortunately these vehicles have many blind spots. Thus, even a well-seasoned truck driver could cause a truck accident if they are not attentive or careful.

Arizona truck crash include pipes smashing through windshield

Motorists in Arizona and elsewhere are used to sharing the road with large commercial trucks. While this is a commonplace activity, it is not always an easy driving experience for those traveling in smaller vehicles. Although semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks hold an important role in society and interstate and intrastate commerce, they pose some serious risks on the roads. If a truck driver fails to drive safely and follow the rules of the road, this could result in a serious and even fatal truck crash.

The most common causes of truck accidents

Now that we have entered the holiday season, residents in Arizona have likely placed all of their gift orders and are patiently awaiting their delivery. And due to an influx in online gift orders, companies across the nation attempt to meet these demands on a timely basis. This in turn causes a large number of semi-trucks, tractor-trailer trucks and box trucks on the roadways. Such a situations generates an increased concern for truck accidents.

Multi-vehicle crash caused by cattle hauler

Whether it is in morning rush hour traffic, a busy evening commute or during heavy weekend traffic, motorists in Arizona are well aware of the frustration involved with sharing the roadways with other vehicles. Moreover, these motorists are also used to traveling with vehicles of all different makes, shapes and sizes, which often means traveling next to or behind large commercial trucks. Although this might be routine for some drivers, such a task might be concerning for other drivers. Tractor-trailer trucks are massive and have the capability of causing a serious and large accident, involving multiple vehicles.

Where is the trucking industry focusing its safety initiatives?

It is clear that large trucks make their appearance on roadways in Arizona and other states rather frequently. Due to their important role in intrastate and interstate commerce, it is likely that the number of commercial trucks used on a daily basis will increase. Because these massive vehicles must share the road with other smaller vehicles, truck safety is a critical issue to continually address.

Helping you overcome the aftermath of a truck crash

Major interstates in Arizona get their fair share of commercial truck traffic. Although large trucks such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers play a crucial role in intrastate and interstate commerce, the process of delivering goods from one part of the state or country to another carries with it certain risks. In order to keep these goods, the operator of the truck and all persons encountered on the roadway safe, federal trucking regulations spell out the duty of care required by truck drivers and trucking companies. If these high duties of care are not met, this could result in these massive vehicles causing an accident with another truck, cars, motorcycles, bicyclists and even pedestrians.

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