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Understanding dog bite injury incidence and how to prevent them

Almost anyone who has owned a dog will agree that dogs are loving animals and make wonderful and loyal pets. But like humans, dogs have personalities and how they behave and interact with other animals and humans not only depends on their upbringing but also what they perceive as a threat. Sometimes even a loving dog may attack others and cause injuries.

Which animals are implicated in animal bite cases in AZ?

There are many and different types of species of animals in this world. Most people are familiar with the broad categories of wildlife, domesticated animals and livestock. Thus, when it comes to a personal injury resulting from an animal bite, it is very important to properly classify the animal that has bitten an individual.

What are the dog liability laws in the state of Arizona?

Many people own and love their dogs. Dog owners are, in essence, guardians of their pets and dogs offer their human guardians companionship and unconditional love. Sometimes. However, a dog for some reason or another may attack or bite. Thus, it is important for every dog owner in Arizona to be aware that in the State of Arizona, specific statutes govern liability for dog bites.

Does it matter what kind of animal attacks or bites me?

If you are in the unfortunate position of having been the victim of an animal attack, you may be surprised to find out that depending on the state where the attack took place, your rights may vary based on the type of animal that injured you in the attack.

Owner liability, defenses and damages in animal bite cases

Both pet owners and those individuals who have been bitten or attacked by another person's pet may find the following information helpful in understanding pet owner liability, potential responsibilities of other parties in an animal bite lawsuit, potential defenses, as well as damages a victim may be able to recover in such cases.

Woman suffers serious injuries in dog attack

In general, dogs offer families and owners unconditional love, devoted loyalty and companionship. Those in Arizona who own or have owned a dog understand the responsibility that comes along with dog ownership. Even though dog are fine pets and can be trained to obey commands, there are times when a dog may bite either another pet or a person, inflicting serious injuries.

Dog bite prevention week kicks-off in Maricopa County

Our Arizona readers have likely seen or heard about the video clip of the cat attacking a dog which bit a young boy. As such stories made national headlines, Arizona residents may find it helpful and informative to learn that Maricopa County Animal Care & Control recently kicked-off National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

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