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Holding a drunk driving liable following a crash

Whether you are traveling on the road, walking on the sidewalk, in a parking lot or in a residential area, motor vehicles can be seen everywhere in Arizona. Although automobiles serve countless purposes, many of them necessary, motor vehicles are also the source of numerous accidents each year. While distracted driving is a major cause, reckless driving, which includes drunk driving, can be the cause of a serious and even fatal collisions.

Who can be held liable in a drunk driving accident?

Whether it's after work with friends or colleagues, a celebration or work function, Arizona residents often partake in consuming a few alcoholic beverages. While this is perfectly safe and legal for those of age consuming a safe amount, when it comes to motorists drinking alcohol, there is a concern of drinking and driving. Because it can be difficult to discern how much is too much, some drivers believe that they are still fine to operate a motor vehicle. Such a situation causes some impaired individuals to still get behind the wheel instead of finding another route home. This could result in a serious and even fatal accident.

Can a DUI charge be used to hold a drunk driver liable?

Although the Thanksgiving celebrations have come and gone, the concern of drunk drivers remains for residents in Arizona and elsewhere. Unfortunately, during the winter holiday season, motorists and passengers have to be cautious and weary of this typical negligent driver due to the increase of holiday parties and celebrations. Although being in a drunk driving accident can be devastating for victims, there are ways and mechanisms for injured victims to hold a drunk driver liable.

Helping to protect your rights following a drunk driving accident

The holiday season is upon us, and that means holiday music, holiday decorations and holiday gatherings. It also means consuming alcohol at these gatherings. While most motorists are mindful of this, planning an alternative ride home, others fail to take such precautions. And failing to drive safely, which means not driving over the legal limit, could be the cause of a serious car accident.

How do you prove liability in an alcohol-related accident?

For many resident in Arizona, automobiles are relied on to get them to and from their destinations. And while traveling on roadways throughout the state can be safely done when a motorist is following the rules of the road, this does not always protect the driver or their passengers from negligent and reckless drivers on the road. Accidents happen unexpectedly and can have tragic consequences. And when a drunk driver collides with another vehicle, those harmed in the crash could hold a drunk driver liable for injuries and damages caused in a drunk driving crash.

Protecting you after a drunk driving accident

Unfortunately, some drivers in Arizona get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming too much alcohol. And while there are state laws and regulations with serious consequences for these drivers, potential repercussions do not always stop drunk drivers from traveling on the roadways. This is a form of reckless driving, and has the ability to not only harm the driver and passengers within the vehicle but also those sharing the road with the drunk driver.

Recourses available to victims of a drunk driving crash

Much like a driver or passenger does not expect to be involved in a collision while they are traveling in a vehicle, he or she is likely unprepared to deal with the tremendous amount of losses and damages the accident has caused them to endure. While negligence is often the cause of a car accident, drunk driving is a severe form of negligence and recklessness. Such a negligent driver is likely to cause accident victims much pain and suffering, making it difficult to deal with the aftermath of the crash.

Arizona teacher sentenced for fatal drunk driving crash

When drivers in Arizona and elsewhere get behind of the wheel while they are intoxicated, this negligent and reckless act not only impacts their own life but can also damage the lives of others. A drunk driver is unable to uphold the duty to drive safe; therefore, it likely to put the lives of passengers and motorists in danger. Moreover, when a drunk driving accident occurs, the intoxicated driver is likely to face serious penalties, while those damaged and harmed by the incident could take steps to seek recourses for their losses.

What are the statistics of alcohol-related crashes in Arizona?

When motorists and passengers travel inside of a vehicle, they share the road with a variety of people. While most people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle to so with the intention to uphold their duty to drive safely, others fail to meet this standard. An intoxicated driver is a very dangerous form of negligence on the roadways, and unfortunately is could be the cause of a serious or fatal collision.

One killed, another injured in Arizona drunk driving crash

Drivers in Arizona might witness small forms of negligence on the road every time they travel in a vehicle. This might be a car speeding by them, a car traveling too closely behind them or a driver failing to use a turn signal. While these acts of negligence could lead to a minor accident, more serious forms of negligence behind the wheel, such as drunk driving, tend to cause serious and even fatal accidents.

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