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Increasing online sales causing more dog bites for postal workers

Everyone has heard the cliché about dogs and mailmen. While cartoons, movies and social media glorify and often exaggerate this relationship, these altercations do occur. Unfortunately, dogs harm residents in Arizona, and some of these dog attacks are a result of negligence by a dog owner.

How often do Americans suffer dog bites?

Many residents in Arizona own a dog and people of all ages enjoy the bond they have with their dogs. While dogs tend to be like another member of the family, these pets can pose risks to those who encounter them. Even when a dog has shown zero propensity for violence, it is still possible for a dog attack to occur.

How does the type of animal impact an animal bite case?

As a previous post highlighted, a dog bite could be a serious injury, causing a victim pain and a dog owner with liability. But, residents in Arizona and other states across the nation keep a variety of animals as pets, and these domestic animals pose various risks to the visitors, strangers and trespassers that encounter these animals.

The risk of dog bites and injuries suffered

It is not uncommon to encounter domestic animals. In fact, many residents in Arizona either own a pet or frequently encounter pets owned by friends and acquaintances. And while it is common for people and animals to share the same space, incidents can occur if an animal, such as a dog or a cat, is territorial or feels threatened. Even more so, an animal is more likely to attack if it has vicious tendencies. Dog bites are a common type of animal bite, and when a dog bite occurs, victims could suffer serious and even life threatening injuries.

What types of animals bites can result in legal action?

Owning an animal is very common in Arizona and other states across the nation. A pet can be a good companion and can be a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. While there are many benefits associated with pet ownership, there are some risks. If visitors or even trespassers enter a person's property, the pet owner may have liability for any harm caused to the person injured in an animal attack.

How damages are paid following an animal bite

As a previous post discussed, a dog bite is an unfortunate but all-too-common event today. Due to the increased rate of domestic animal encounters in Arizona and elsewhere in the U.S., individuals are at a higher risk of being injured in an animal or dog attack. Although there is a greater risk of an animal bite, victims of such of an attack have rights and options following such a serious and traumatic event.

What is the liability for dog bites for dog owners in Arizona?

Today, it is very common for residents in Arizona and other states across the nation to have pets. A dog, a cat or any type of domestic animal can serve as a companion. In fact, nowadays, it is rare to visit a friend or travel on the private property of another without encountering a dog. While dog ownership is high across the country, so are incidents involving dogs. That is true even though many dog owners take precautions to protect his or her canine friend and anyone that might come in contact with the dog. Precautions notwithstanding, dog bites and attack unfortunately occur.

Are Arizona dog owners liable for actions by an aggressive dog?

It is not uncommon for residents in Arizona and elsewhere to own a pet. In fact, some individuals might own several pets of various species. Frequently, pet owners will opt to get a cat or dog for long time companionship. However, pet ownership comes with much responsibility. And when it comes to dog owners, there is not only the duty to confine the dog safely at their property but also to prevent any harm to others the dog comes in contact with.

When can a lawsuit be filed after a dog bite?

While caring for a domestic pet like a dog or a cat is common, most do not expect a pet to lash out, bite or attack them when they are visiting the home or property of another. However, because animals are wild creatures, they have the tendency to act vicious in certain situations or circumstances. Nonetheless, in Arizona, liability is placed on a pet owner even if negligence did not directly cause an animal bite or attack of a visitor or trespasser.

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