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How are infections prevented following a burn injury?

Accidents do happen. While we typically experience minor injuries like a paper cut, stubbed toe or pinching a finger in a door, some accident could result in severe injuries. A burn injury is not only painful but also damaging. In some cases, victims require much medical treatment in order to overcome the complications associated with such an injury.

How are infections prevented following a burn injury? No matter the source of a burn injury, it is likely that a victim has suffered damaged skin tissue. Additionally, a victim could suffer harm to their muscle tissue, nerves and even bones. Depending on the severity of the burn, victims could require surgery, skin grafts, rehabilitation and much recovery time.

A burn injury is very sensitive and susceptible to infections. Because an infection could setback the recovery process or even cause irreversible damage, it is important that certain steps are taken to avoid such circumstances. One way to prevent infections is by binding bacteria. Because they cannot grow unless they bind, this strategy was found to not only reduce the chances of infection but also aid in the healing process.

Focusing on the overall health of a victim and not just their burn injury is a great way to reduce the chances of an infection. By ensuring that they drink enough water, are eating health and obtaining necessary medication and rest, this can help fight off infections. Finally, it is important that dressing used on burn injuries are kept clean and changed when appropriate. It is important to keep the area clean, providing it with just enough oxygen.

The recovery process for a burn injury can be lengthy and complex. Additionally, it can be very costly, causing a victim to accumulate many medical bills over time. Therefore, it is important that burn victims understand their rights. If a negligent party is to blame for their injuries, it is possible to hold them accountable, helping them also recover compensation for their losses.

Source:, "How to Prevent Burn Injury Infection," April 19, 2017

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