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August 2017 Archives

Four killed in a wrong-way crash in Flagstaff

Motorists in Arizona often have to travel amongst traffic; however, whether the roads are filled with vehicles or open to free flowing traffic, motorists are required to travel with traffic. Thus, when a driver is traveling against traffic, it can be shocking and unexpected for other drivers. Because no one expects to encounter a wrong-way driver, this can be a shocking and difficult event to respond to. Therefore, a wrong-way collision unfortunately occurs.

How are infections prevented following a burn injury?

Accidents do happen. While we typically experience minor injuries like a paper cut, stubbed toe or pinching a finger in a door, some accident could result in severe injuries. A burn injury is not only painful but also damaging. In some cases, victims require much medical treatment in order to overcome the complications associated with such an injury.

Dangers that lead to truck accidents

When Arizona residents think about the trucking industry, they think about the role these large commercial vehicles play in society. Big rig trucks are frequently used to deliver goods and make long-distance shipments. While this is viewed as necessary to most, the trucking industry is also the source of various danger and risks on the roadways. Truck drivers are responsible for operating large vehicles, and they are expected to use a certain level of care when doing so.

Helping victims protect their rights following a truck crash

Every day, motorists in Arizona share the road with large commercial trucks. While it is commonplace to encounter tractor-trailer trucks and semi-trucks on the roadways, this fact does not make it any easier on drivers who travel near one or several of these massive vehicles. While truckers are trained to drive these trucks long distances, they do not always follow the regulations that control safety within the trucking industry. In fact, it is often the case that these federal trucking regulations are violated, resulting in serious and fatal truck accidents.

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