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June 2017 Archives

Associating dog breeds with dog bites

In today's society, it is hard to encounter a household that does not have a pet. Dog ownership, however, comes with many responsibilities. A dog owner is not only responsible for caring for and providing for the dog, but they also need to take steps to ensure the safety of the dog and the people coming into contact with the dog. Unfortunately, some dog owners are negligent, resulting harm to others caused by a dog bite.

Taking action following an accident causing burn injuries

The aftermath of an accident can be catastrophic. Not only is the event alone life-altering, but victims are also frequently left with severe injuries that may be difficult to overcome or fully heal. One of these challenging injuries is a burn injury. Whether it is due to a fire, electricity or chemicals, a burn injury can cause pain and suffering, as well as serious damage to the skin, nerves and muscles. This often requires significant medical treatment, rehabilitation and recovery time for a burn victim to overcome such an injury.

What is the source of the increase in electrical bun injuries?

No matter the cause or the severity of a burn injury, victims are likely to endure pain and suffering. Additionally, victims will likely require ongoing medical treatment for physical and mental injuries caused by the accident that resulted in burn trauma.

The most common causes of car accidents

No one gets behind the wheel of a vehicle thinking that they will be involved in a car crash. However, the sad reality is that car accidents occur rather frequently. In addition, the vast majority of these collisions are caused by human error. While these could mean minor crashes with little to no harm caused, it could also mean serious collisions with injuries and fatalities.

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