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Increasing online sales causing more dog bites for postal workers

Everyone has heard the cliché about dogs and mailmen. While cartoons, movies and social media glorify and often exaggerate this relationship, these altercations do occur. Unfortunately, dogs harm residents in Arizona, and some of these dog attacks are a result of negligence by a dog owner.

According to recent reports, booming online sales are proving to be both beneficial and costly for the postal services. While these sales are good for the postal industry, they are also incurring costs because of dog bites.

Based on reports, dog attacks on postal workers rose over the past year to 6,755. This is up 206 from the past year, which is the highest it has been in three decades. The highest recorded rate was in 1980 at a rate of 7,000, and this was before maulings by pit bulls and other aggressive dogs became a public issue.

While movies have made the cliché of a dog chasing or biting a postal working as funny, it is not a laughing matter. These individuals can be severely harmed in a dog attack, resulting in medical expenses, workers' comp and emotional damage.

Every year roughly 4.5 million Americans are harmed by a dog bite. However, even though dog attacks are on the rise, there is evidence that these attacks are becoming less severe. While this is helpful for insurance companies, this does not address the concern surrounding negligent dog owners.

If dog owners are not taking the steps to ensure the safety of visitors on their property, this could cause them to face liability in matters when a person was injured by a dog bite. Those harmed by a dog are afforded resources and could file a personal injury claim for the damages and losses suffered in the incident.

Source:, "Booming online sales mean more dog bites for mail carriers," Hope Yen, April 6, 2017

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