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Types of injuries a victim could suffer in a crash

Being involved in a car accident can be a life-altering experience for Arizona residents. The injuries suffered could be substantial and severe, causing an accident victim to require much medical attention. Serious injuries often require medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and often a lengthy recovery process. Therefore, accident victims should not only be aware of the time it will take to recuperate from his or her injuries but also the costs associated with medical care.

The medical costs and recovery time associated with a car crash is often dependent on the type of car accident injuries suffered. More than 5.6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. and over 1.6 million of these incidents involve injuries. The most serious of these injuries are head and back injuries. When drivers and passengers are involved in high-speed collisions, head-on crashes or rear-end collisions, this is likely to cause a victim's head to strike a steering wheel, dashboard or window. This could result in a traumatic brain injury.

A back injury could result in damage to the spinal cord, which could cause significant nerve damage to the victim's back. This could cause an accident victim to experience a loss of sensation of or control of their arms, hands, legs, feet or other body parts. In some cases, a spinal cord injury could leave a victim paralyzed.

Neck and chest injuries are also common in a car accident. Whiplash is a well-known car accident injury and is caused by the sudden movement of the head and neck. This could result in serious neck muscle and ligament damage. A chest injury could cause broken ribs, a collapsed lung and even internal damages to other organs.

Other injuries include those to the arms, legs, hands and feet. Theses typically include broken bones, contusions and lacerations. In cases of motorcycle accidents or pedestrian crashes, these injuries are fairly common.

No matter the type of injuries suffered, it is important that victims understand their rights following a car accident. If a negligent driver caused the crash, it is possible to hold that driver accountable. A victim could seek compensation for losses and damages through a personal injury claim.

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