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Study focuses on reckless driving across the nation

Drivers in Arizona are likely to encounter different traffic patterns. This is not only based on the time of day a motorist is traveling, but also where a motorist is driving. In rural areas, it is likely that rush hour traffic will not be problematic. However, in urban areas and on major interstates near big cities, rush hour traffic will impact a driver's commute. Nevertheless, even when one is following the rules of the road, this does not mean that others are driving so carefully.

Reckless driving is a risky and dangerous occurrence on the roadways. Such a situation is created when a driver is traveling over the speed limit, too fast for road conditions, which often relates to the current weather conditions, failing to signal a turn or maneuver or even when a driver is intoxicated while operating a vehicle.

According to a study completed by the Auto Insurance Center, researchers focused on the deadliest driving conditions in the states across the U.S. from 2005 to 2015. Based on this study, Arizona ranked high in some categories.

For example, Arizona had almost the highest increase in drunk driving deaths during this period. While only two states ranked slightly higher than Arizona, drunk driving is a major concern across the nation. According to statistics, about 28 people die each day due to car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

In addition to drunk driving, speeding and racing is a reckless driving concern in the U.S. And, in some situations, drivers could face serious penalties for created such a dangerous driving experience on the roads. Driving too fast for weather conditions was also the cause of a high rate of fatal car crashes. While fog, sleet and snow are huge culprits, rain caused the most deaths nationwide.

Negligence behind the wheel can come in many forms. And, when a driver is reckless, this raises the level of negligence by the driver. A driver could face penalties for their actions, and victims in a crash could seek compensation for serious injuries and damages suffered.

Source:, "States where the drivers are most dangerous," Ed Leefeldt, Dec. 8, 2016

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