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How can multidisciplinary care help burn injury recovery?

The body suffers trauma in car accidents, including burn injuries. Unlike other injuries though, like broken bones or lacerations, a burn injury can take a major toll on the human body, making it difficult to heal. An accident victim may also experience emotional and mental trauma from the injury, making recovery more challenging.

In fact, normal rehabilitation and medical treatments are often not the prescribed treatment for burn injuries. Instead, specialized burn care are the traditional method of care. And, victims in Arizona are likely to undergo multiple forms of medical treatments to address and treat these severe wounds.

How can multidisciplinary care help with burn injury recovery? Because burn injuries are life altering, affecting the whole patient, patient care is complex and involves many facets. Taking the multidisciplinary approach allows medical professionals to recognize the patient as a whole person. This means that all the affects, pains and issues are independently addressed in a treatment plan.

Taking the multidisciplinary approach also allows medical professionals the opportunity to illuminate any unmet needs. This could stop anything that could be interfering with the recovery process or help them initiate a treatment that will address ongoing ailments.

No matter what recovery or rehabilitative path a burn victim takes, the process is long and painful. Additionally, medical treatment for such serious injuries is not cheap, and the cost of treatment is likely to cause financial and emotional hardships. Therefore, if a burn victim was harmed in an accident caused by another party, it is possible to take steps to hold that negligent party accountable. A personal injury claim could help a victim recover compensation, helping cover any losses or damages.

Source:, "State-of-the-art, team approach to burn care," Feb. 8, 2017

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