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February 2017 Archives

How can multidisciplinary care help burn injury recovery?

The body suffers trauma in car accidents, including burn injuries. Unlike other injuries though, like broken bones or lacerations, a burn injury can take a major toll on the human body, making it difficult to heal. An accident victim may also experience emotional and mental trauma from the injury, making recovery more challenging.

Study focuses on reckless driving across the nation

Drivers in Arizona are likely to encounter different traffic patterns. This is not only based on the time of day a motorist is traveling, but also where a motorist is driving. In rural areas, it is likely that rush hour traffic will not be problematic. However, in urban areas and on major interstates near big cities, rush hour traffic will impact a driver's commute. Nevertheless, even when one is following the rules of the road, this does not mean that others are driving so carefully.

How does the type of animal impact an animal bite case?

As a previous post highlighted, a dog bite could be a serious injury, causing a victim pain and a dog owner with liability. But, residents in Arizona and other states across the nation keep a variety of animals as pets, and these domestic animals pose various risks to the visitors, strangers and trespassers that encounter these animals.

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