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Treatments found to reduce infections in burn injuries

While most individuals in Arizona and elsewhere will be involved in some sort of accident, only some will endure the tremendous pain and suffering involved in a severe accident. Such a tragedy is likely to result in serious injuries, such as a burn injury. While these injuries are survivable in most cases, the pain and recovery path can be excruciating. Therefore, burn injury victims are likely to use various healing and treatment methods.

Recent studies suggest that there is a new method to prevent burn injury infections without the usage of antibiotics. This was discovered when researchers were seeking a way to fight multidrug-resistant bacteria. Researchers found that it was more effective to blind them than kill them in burn injuries.

When the bacteria are blinded, they cannot find the places they normally stick to in the host's body. And if bacteria cannot find a place to bind, it cannot grow. Researchers found that a topical application of this engineered adhesion could substantially decrease the bacterial levels in the first 24 hours after it is administered. Additionally, it can help prevent the spread of the infection to any adjacent tissue for up to three days.

According to recent statistics, more than one million burn injuries and 100,000 hospitalizations due to burn injuries occur in the United States each year. Roughly 75 percent of the mortality rate in burn victims is associated with infections. Thus, taking such treatment methods could not only help the healing process in burn victims but also save their lives.

Suffering a burn injury is likely life changing. The injuries themselves are challenging to deal with and the rehabilitation process can be difficult to go through. Even more so, the costs associated with the entire healing process can be tremendous. Therefore, if a negligent party caused the accident that resulted in the burn injuries, it is possible to hold that party responsible. A personal injury claim could help a burn victim recover compensation, helping them with expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, recovery and other related costs.

Source:, "Study identifies a way to prevent burn injury infection-without antibiotics," Dec. 20, 2016

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