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How do you prove negligence in a pedestrian crash on interstate?

In Arizona, it is not uncommon for motorists to encounter pedestrians in parking lots, city streets and residential areas. Travelers on foot frequent these areas because they can move on foot easily. One area that motorists do not expect to see pedestrians is on the interstate. However, there are many reasons for a pedestrian to be on an interstate, making it possible to hold a motorist liable in a pedestrian accident.

How do you prove negligence in a pedestrian accident on the interstate? The first thing an injured victim must do is prove that he or she had a reason to be on the interstate and was traveling on foot safely for the conditions they were in. For example, there are areas that allow a pedestrian to cross a highway or safely enter it. If a pedestrian was using this mechanism, then he or she was rightfully accessing a highway by foot.

Other reasons for a pedestrian to be on a highway is because their vehicle broke down, their vehicle ran out of gas or they were involved an automobile crash with their vehicle. Any of these reasons would cause a motorist to become a pedestrian on a highway or interstate. And these situations would allow for a pedestrian to reasonably use the shoulder of the highway to get from one point to another.

If it is determined that a pedestrian was reasonably using a highway in a safe manner, it is possible to hold a motorist liable if an accident ensues. Pedestrian accidents often involve serious injuries, which often mean large medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. A personal injury claim is the likely route to take. This civil action could help the injured party collect compensation for losses and hold a negligent driver liable in a car crash.

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