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Can a DUI charge be used to hold a drunk driver liable?

Although the Thanksgiving celebrations have come and gone, the concern of drunk drivers remains for residents in Arizona and elsewhere. Unfortunately, during the winter holiday season, motorists and passengers have to be cautious and weary of this typical negligent driver due to the increase of holiday parties and celebrations. Although being in a drunk driving accident can be devastating for victims, there are ways and mechanisms for injured victims to hold a drunk driver liable.

Can a DUI charge be used to hold a drunk driver liable in a crash? The investigation of a car accident in general can help victims of a car crash hold a negligent driver accountable for a crash; however, in cases where alcohol is suspected, victims could used the evidence collected and any criminal charges placed on a driver to help with their civil action.

When police officers arrive to an accident site, if they suspect that alcohol could be a factor, an officer will have a driver submit to a field sobriety test. Depending on the results of that test and the result of any breath tests conducted, this could result in a DUI charge being placed on the driver. This evidence, along with other evidence collected during the entire accident investigation, could be used by an injured victim to help prove negligence and liability of a drunk driver.

A personal injury claim could help an injured victim in a drunk driving crash not only hold a negligent driver accountable but also help them collect compensation. This monetary reward could help the victim cover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and other related damages.

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