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November 2016 Archives

Helping to protect your rights following a drunk driving accident

The holiday season is upon us, and that means holiday music, holiday decorations and holiday gatherings. It also means consuming alcohol at these gatherings. While most motorists are mindful of this, planning an alternative ride home, others fail to take such precautions. And failing to drive safely, which means not driving over the legal limit, could be the cause of a serious car accident.

The risk of dog bites and injuries suffered

It is not uncommon to encounter domestic animals. In fact, many residents in Arizona either own a pet or frequently encounter pets owned by friends and acquaintances. And while it is common for people and animals to share the same space, incidents can occur if an animal, such as a dog or a cat, is territorial or feels threatened. Even more so, an animal is more likely to attack if it has vicious tendencies. Dog bites are a common type of animal bite, and when a dog bite occurs, victims could suffer serious and even life threatening injuries.

What types of animals bites can result in legal action?

Owning an animal is very common in Arizona and other states across the nation. A pet can be a good companion and can be a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. While there are many benefits associated with pet ownership, there are some risks. If visitors or even trespassers enter a person's property, the pet owner may have liability for any harm caused to the person injured in an animal attack.

Multi-vehicle crash caused by cattle hauler

Whether it is in morning rush hour traffic, a busy evening commute or during heavy weekend traffic, motorists in Arizona are well aware of the frustration involved with sharing the roadways with other vehicles. Moreover, these motorists are also used to traveling with vehicles of all different makes, shapes and sizes, which often means traveling next to or behind large commercial trucks. Although this might be routine for some drivers, such a task might be concerning for other drivers. Tractor-trailer trucks are massive and have the capability of causing a serious and large accident, involving multiple vehicles.

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