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What is the skin graft process following a burn injury?

Suffering a burn injury can be a shocking and life-changing event. Such an injury is not only painful but could also leave a victim with long-term scars and even disfigurement. This could cause additional emotional pain even long after the wound has healed. Thus, burn victims often seek procedures and recovery options that could reduce or eliminate scars or even chances that the wound could cause future problems. Skin grafts are sometimes a suitable and reliable option for burn victims.

What is the skin graft process following a burn injury? A skin graft is when a healthy piece of skin is taken from a patient and used to replace diseased or damaged tissue. This process is commonly used over badly injured areas, such as a severe burn injury. The skin graft process requires healthy skin to be removed from a different location on the injured patient's body, and it can come from a number of places.

There are five types of skin grafts; however, the most common type is an autograft. This is when the healthy skin is taken from a donor site on the burn victim's own body. The donor site must be a location where skin is plentiful and circulation is strong, like the person's leg.

Another type of skink graft is an allograft, which is skin taken from another human donor. A third type of skin graft is known as a xenograft, which a non-permanent skin graft because it is made up of non-human tissue, commonly from pigs. This is used to seal the wound while it is healing. The fourth type of skin graft is an isogenic skin graft. This is when the donor is genetically identical to the recipient, such as with identical twins. The fifth and final type of skin graft is prosthetic, which is the use of non-tissue or synthetic material, such as plastic, to seal a burn wound.

While a skin graft is a safe and effective way to initiate and progress the healing process of a burn injury, the recovery process from a burn injury can be long and painful. If another party is at fault for the incident that caused the burn injury, the burn victim has legal recourse. A personal injury claim could help cover the expenses related to the rehabilitation and treatment of burn injuries.

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