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Helping you prove fault in an automobile collision

Negligent drivers can come in all shapes and sizes; however, there is one thing in common with all negligent drivers. Innocent drivers struck by a negligent driver are shocked and unprepared to deal with the aftermath that the negligent driver has caused them. Whether an automobile collision is due to distracted driving, reckless driving or intoxication, accident victims could suffer devastating injuries due to the carelessness of another driver.

At the Law Office of Keith A Hammond, P.C., our legal team understands how the careless acts of a negligent driver could drastically alter the life of an accident victim. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping Arizona victims, as well as their loved ones, understand their rights following a car crash.

Following a collision, many thoughts and concerns go through a victim's mind; however, it is essential to understand what caused the crash and who is liable for the injuries and damages resulting from the accident. Our attorneys are well versed in the state laws, and we have the resources necessary to help our clients uncover the required evidence and hold a negligent or distracted driver liable for his or her wrongdoings.

To learn more, check out our law firm's car accident website. When a driver is texting and driving, drinking and driving or even speeding, he or she is putting numerous travelers at risk. Therefore, liability should be placed on those who cause harm in an automobile crash. Accident victims have recourses available to them, and compensation could be recovered through a personal injury claim.

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