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Different types of burn injuries, how they are caused and treated

As previously discussed on this blog, people in Flagstaff who suffer a burn injury may need a significant amount of medical treatment. For some burn victims, this means enduring lengthy medical treatments and even surgeries. While skin grafts and a workable treatment plan can help burn injuries, it is important for those suffering from burn injuries to understand that not all burn injuries are treated the same. This means that the treatment plan and recovery path for these injuries can vary greatly from burn type.

The first thing to note is that there are different levels of burns. Each level distinguishes the severity of the burn itself and the damage it has caused the victim. A fist degree burn, which is the least severe, results in redness to the skin and does not cause the skin to blister. On the other hand, second-degree burns result in blistering and some thickening of the skin itself. Lastly, third-degree burns include widespread thickness to the skin with white, leathery appearance. It should be noted that there are fourth-degree burns, which are third-degree burns that extend beyond the skin, affecting tendons and bones.

The causes of burns can range greatly as well. A burn could generate from scalding hot or boiling liquids, sun exposure, fires, chemical burns and even electrical burns. The cause of a burn does not always result in the same type of burn. For example, a scalding liquid could cause all three degrees of burns -- it just depends how hot the liquid is and how long the liquid is in contact with the skin.

While there is a range in causes and types of burns, it is important to fully understand how a burn injury happened. If a negligent party caused an accident that resulted in a burn injury, that party could be liable for the damages and losses arising from the injury. A personal injury claim could help cover expenses and damages such as medical bills, treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages and other related losses.

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