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October 2016 Archives

Different types of burn injuries, how they are caused and treated

As previously discussed on this blog, people in Flagstaff who suffer a burn injury may need a significant amount of medical treatment. For some burn victims, this means enduring lengthy medical treatments and even surgeries. While skin grafts and a workable treatment plan can help burn injuries, it is important for those suffering from burn injuries to understand that not all burn injuries are treated the same. This means that the treatment plan and recovery path for these injuries can vary greatly from burn type.

What is the skin graft process following a burn injury?

Suffering a burn injury can be a shocking and life-changing event. Such an injury is not only painful but could also leave a victim with long-term scars and even disfigurement. This could cause additional emotional pain even long after the wound has healed. Thus, burn victims often seek procedures and recovery options that could reduce or eliminate scars or even chances that the wound could cause future problems. Skin grafts are sometimes a suitable and reliable option for burn victims.

Helping you prove fault in an automobile collision

Negligent drivers can come in all shapes and sizes; however, there is one thing in common with all negligent drivers. Innocent drivers struck by a negligent driver are shocked and unprepared to deal with the aftermath that the negligent driver has caused them. Whether an automobile collision is due to distracted driving, reckless driving or intoxication, accident victims could suffer devastating injuries due to the carelessness of another driver.

Suspected drunk driver kills one and injures five

Unfortunately, motorists in Arizona are familiar with automobile accidents and what these scenes look like. In most cases, these collisions are minor fender benders that do not involve any injuries. But some involve serious injuries and even fatalities. When a severe fatal car crash occurs, this can be a tragic sight, impacting not only those involved but the family members of those injured or killed in the collision.

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