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The risk of wrong-way accidents in Arizona

For most motorists in Arizona and elsewhere, it is common to see vehicles traveling with the normal flow of traffic on divided interstates and highways. This is, of course, the required way to safely operate a motor vehicle because it helps avoid head-on collisions. However, some drivers, due to negligence, distractions, intoxication or reckless acts, cross medians or centerlines and travel in the wrong direction. This presents a very problematic situation because a wrong-way accident could ensue, resulting in serious and even fatal injuries.

Based on recent statistics, an average of 22 wrong-way collisions happen every year on state highways within the state of Arizona. Roughly eight of those crashes result in fatalities.

A major factor involved in wrong-way accidents is that fact that more than half of them involve alcohol impairment. According to recent data, 65 percent of wrong-way drivers were intoxicated at the time of the collision.

While these types of accidents are concerning and tragic, wrong-way accidents only account for a small fraction of highway accidents occurring within the state. An average of 120,000 automobile collisions occur each year. Of those, roughly 23,000 occur on divided highways. And nearly 1,000 people are killed in the state of Arizona because of a motor vehicle-related incident.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a wrong-way accident or any other car accident, it is important to understand the cause and any fault. Further investigation could help an accident victim hold a negligent driver liable for any harms and damages suffered from the incident.

Source:, "Arizona seeks to reduce wrong-way driving," Nov. 29, 2015

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