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How damages are paid following an animal bite

As a previous post discussed, a dog bite is an unfortunate but all-too-common event today. Due to the increased rate of domestic animal encounters in Arizona and elsewhere in the U.S., individuals are at a higher risk of being injured in an animal or dog attack. Although there is a greater risk of an animal bite, victims of such of an attack have rights and options following such a serious and traumatic event.

When an animal bite happens, normally, the owner is responsible. To cover that responsibility, the animal owner could pay for damages for an animal bite from a variety of sources. The source is dependent on where the bite took place.

For example, if the animal or dog attack took place at the owner's home, homeowner's insurance could cover the damages and injuries caused by the owner's pet. However, this is not always an available source, as homeowner insurance does not cover certain breeds.

Another source is car insurance. If the pet was inside the vehicle or in the back of a pickup truck prior to the attack occurring, a victim could recover damages from the owner's car insurance policy.

Finally, if a pet owner has animal insurance, this policy could be used to cover any injuries or losses incurred by an animal bite.

Because an animal bite victim could suffer a variety of damages following an animal attack, it is important to understand how a victim could recover from these losses. Holding an animal owner accountable for an animal bite could help those injured recover damages and losses suffered.

Source:, "Animal Bites: Who Pays Damages?" accessed Sept. 4, 2016

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