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Improved treatment methods for burn victims

Being a victim of an accident is not an easy event to deal with or overcome. The aftermath of a serious incident is likely to leave those injured dealing with serious and even life-changing injuries. In some unfortunate accidents, fires might ignite, causing those involved to suffer burn injuries. Extensive burns on the body require specific treatment in order to help victims in Arizona and elsewhere to recover; however, these methods do not always heal the wounds completely.

Because a burn injury does not only cause pain and suffering but is also likely to leave long lasting scars and marks, some burn victims seek to undergo specific treatment methods to address the pain and reduce the possibility of scarring. While serious burns are commonly treated by transplanting layers of healthy skin from other parts of the body, this does not always cause the wound to fully heal. Therefore, a recent medical study focused on alternative treatment methods for extensive burn injuries.

Based on this study, a group of plastic surgeons were able to show that soluble factors from white blood cells had the ability to improve tissue healing from skin grafting. While skin grafting has been a relatively successful method to treat young patients with extensive burn injuries, the process does take a considerably longer time for older patients and those patients suffering from certain diseases. These patients often endure complications, sometimes requiring additional or new operations, which could leave the patient disfigured.

In order to promote a quicker and more successful recovery path for these and other burn victims, medical professionals could use the soluble factors of white blood cells. Thus far, in an animal model, this treatment process has shown a doubling in the number of blood vessels as well as quicker and better skin growth.

Because burn victims are likely to require a lengthy recovery path and various burn treatment methods, it is not only important that burn victims understand his or her medical options but also any legal options when it comes to holding any parties responsible for causing the burn injuries he or she is suffering. If a negligent party caused the accident that resulted in the burn injuries you are suffering, a personal injury claim could hold that party responsible, helping you collect compensation to cover expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages.

Source:, "Burn injuries: Better methods of treatment using soluble factors from irradiated white blood cells," May 12, 2016

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