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Burn injury treatment to reduce scarring

As a previous post highlighted, the treatment of burn injuries can be a difficult and lengthy process. After suffering a burn injury in an accident, a burn victim likely endures a tremendous amount of pain whether the burn is electrical, chemical or caused by fire. A burn victim will most likely require various surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation to fully or partially recover from a burn injury. Even if a victim is able to regain movement and function of the burned body part, he or she may suffer disfigurements or severe scarring.

According to recent reports, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found that a repeated treatment of pulsed electric fields may help reduce the development of scarring after suffering a burn injury. This method is a noninvasive procedure that does not generate any heat.

Based on animal trials, it was found that this process could reduce the scarring from burn injuries. Additionally, this process helped improve several skin properties by removing excess skin cells. Researchers claimed that by killing some but not all of the cells in the wound, this actually helps regenerate the skin without also generating a scar.

When comparing this procedure to those involving an ultrasound and lasers, this process does not operate on the whole tissue but rather, through pulsed electric field treatments, works on only a cellular level. This allows for a more precise treatment and results that are able to target specific cells.

While various burn injury treatment methods could increase recovery time or the rehabilitation of the body part, for some burn victims, he or she may be suffering mentally or emotionally due to scars or disfigurement. Treatments that focus on reducing these effects could be difficult and costly, making it financially challenging on burn victim and their loved ones. However, if a burn victim was injured in an accident caused by a negligent party, he or she could recover compensation through a personal injury claim.

Source:, "Noninvasive approach using pulsed electric fields may reduce scarring after burn injuries," Aug. 10, 2016

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