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August 2016 Archives

Burn injury treatment to reduce scarring

As a previous post highlighted, the treatment of burn injuries can be a difficult and lengthy process. After suffering a burn injury in an accident, a burn victim likely endures a tremendous amount of pain whether the burn is electrical, chemical or caused by fire. A burn victim will most likely require various surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation to fully or partially recover from a burn injury. Even if a victim is able to regain movement and function of the burned body part, he or she may suffer disfigurements or severe scarring.

Improved treatment methods for burn victims

Being a victim of an accident is not an easy event to deal with or overcome. The aftermath of a serious incident is likely to leave those injured dealing with serious and even life-changing injuries. In some unfortunate accidents, fires might ignite, causing those involved to suffer burn injuries. Extensive burns on the body require specific treatment in order to help victims in Arizona and elsewhere to recover; however, these methods do not always heal the wounds completely.

Where is the trucking industry focusing its safety initiatives?

It is clear that large trucks make their appearance on roadways in Arizona and other states rather frequently. Due to their important role in intrastate and interstate commerce, it is likely that the number of commercial trucks used on a daily basis will increase. Because these massive vehicles must share the road with other smaller vehicles, truck safety is a critical issue to continually address.

Helping you overcome the aftermath of a truck crash

Major interstates in Arizona get their fair share of commercial truck traffic. Although large trucks such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers play a crucial role in intrastate and interstate commerce, the process of delivering goods from one part of the state or country to another carries with it certain risks. In order to keep these goods, the operator of the truck and all persons encountered on the roadway safe, federal trucking regulations spell out the duty of care required by truck drivers and trucking companies. If these high duties of care are not met, this could result in these massive vehicles causing an accident with another truck, cars, motorcycles, bicyclists and even pedestrians.

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