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July 2016 Archives

Understanding the rate of speeding-related traffic fatalities

Whether you are making your daily commute, running errands or traveling around town, most drivers in Arizona and elsewhere are likely to encounter motorists that appear to be more rushed than others. Although an individual might be in a hurry or late to work or a meeting, traveling above the speed limit is a very dangerous way to attempt to resolve this issue. Speeding is a hazardous factor on the roadway and, when motorists travel at a high rate of speed, he or she could cause a serious or even fatal crash.

Could you be liable for texting a person you know is driving?

We live in a society where individuals rely on the many capabilities of their cell phones. While this has many benefits, keeping the individual connected to friends, family and work at the touch of a button, this piece of technology comes with several negatives. One major setback is the use of cell phones while driving. It is well known that texting and driving is dangerous and distracts any driver that partakes in the activity. However, it still occurs on roadways in Arizona and other states across the nation.

Half million hoverboards recalled due to risk of burn injuries

As a previous post highlighted, residents in Arizona and elsewhere could suffer a burn from products such as fireworks. If there was manufacturing errors or mistakes made when conducting a public display, negligence could be the cause for those suffering burn injuries. While it is clear that there are hazards and dangers when dealing with a product that involves fire or a flame, there are some consumer products that could put individuals at risk of a burn injury without involving fire.

Avoiding burn injuries during peak fireworks season

While the Fourth of July is the most popular time for Americans to have large gatherings to grill, spend time around a bonfire and set off a personal fireworks display, the use of fireworks continues beyond the holiday. Although Independence Day is known for a high rate of burn injuries from fireworks, residents in Arizona and elsewhere should understand the risks associated with watching and setting off fireworks.

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