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Recourses available to victims of a drunk driving crash

Much like a driver or passenger does not expect to be involved in a collision while they are traveling in a vehicle, he or she is likely unprepared to deal with the tremendous amount of losses and damages the accident has caused them to endure. While negligence is often the cause of a car accident, drunk driving is a severe form of negligence and recklessness. Such a negligent driver is likely to cause accident victims much pain and suffering, making it difficult to deal with the aftermath of the crash.

At the Law Office of Keith A. Hammond, P.C., our skilled legal team is dedicated to representing victims in Northern Arizona who have been harmed by a drunk driver. With over 25 years of experience, our legal professionals know first hand the damage an accident caused by a drunk driver can cause. Moreover, we are able to help victims and their loved ones navigate any issues and legal actions following the incident.

Unfortunately, most drunk driving accidents result in serious injuries. A victim's life is greatly impacted not only by the initial pain and suffering, but also the lengthy recovery that will likely cause the victim to incur extensive medical bills. Moreover, victims could suffer permanent or temporary disabilities, causing the inability to work. This could add to the tremendous financial burdens caused by the incident.

When a negligent driver, such as a drunk driver, causes a car accident, those harmed in the crash might have a cause of action. A personal injury claim could help the injured victim recover compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages.

To learn more, check out our law firm's drunk driving accident website. No driver ever expects to be involved in a car accident. However, a drunk driver could easily cause a sudden and serious crash. Therefore, it is important that accident victims understand the recourses available to them, especially when a negligent driver caused the collision.

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