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Pedestrian pinned under car following Arizona car accident

Motorists in Arizona must travel among other motorists on the roadways. However, they have to be cautious of more than just other automobiles on the roads. In addition to cars and trucks, cyclists and pedestrians use certain roads to travel to and from their destinations. While it is not uncommon for these various travelers to share the roads, the large size of motor vehicles and the power they are under to travel at high speeds presents many dangers to those traveling by foot or bicycle.

Arizona emergency crews were recently dispatched to an auto-pedestrian accident that occurred in Phoenix. According to preliminary reports, a pedestrian became trapped under a vehicle after a two-vehicle collision. This car accident happened at the intersection of 400th Street and Indian School Road when a car and a service truck towing a backhoe collided.

At the time of the crash, a female pedestrian was standing on the northeast corner of the intersection. While she attempted to run from the accident sight after observing the collision, she was unable to evade the vehicles and wound up pinned under one of the vehicles.

After the pedestrian was extricated, she was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. No other injuries were reported in the car accident. The investigation is still ongoing, and following this process, police should be able to assess the cause and liability in the car crash.

Following a car accident, it is important to collect evidence form the accident scene. Witness testimony could help establish cause, helping to place responsibility on a negligent party. This could help an injured victim hold a negligent party accountable for any injuries, damages and losses caused by the accident. A personal injury claim could help an injured party collect compensation, which could be used to cover expenses and losses incurred by the incident.

Source: KTVK-3TV, "Pedestrian trapped under vehicle after crash," Catherine Holland, May 23, 2016

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