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Increasing pedestrian safety to prevent auto-pedestrian crashes

As a previous post highlighted, pedestrians face many dangers when they walk in areas where motor vehicles frequent. Whether they are traveling by foot on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, in a crosswalk or on the side of the road, if a driver is not using necessary caution, a serious or even fatal auto-pedestrian accident could ensue. Because of that, motorists and pedestrians in Arizona should be aware of the measures they can take to increase pedestrian safety.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic-related collision in the United States in 2013. Based on these numbers, this averages out to once auto-pedestrian crash every 2 hours.

Moreover, more than 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency facilities in 2013 for injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle. When compared to passengers in automobiles, based on these statistics, pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to be killed in a car crash than an occupant of a motor vehicle is.

In order to decrease auto-pedestrian accidents, it is essential to understand who is most at risk. Pedestrians that are 65-year-old or older are at a greater risk than younger adults. In fact, they accounted for roughly 19 percent of all pedestrian deaths and about 10 percent of pedestrian injuries in 2013. Children are especially vulnerable to pedestrian accident. Based on the statistics from 2013, it was found that one in every five children under the age of 14 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Alcohol and speeding also play a major role in pedestrian accidents. Alcohol involvement for either the driver of the automobile or the pedestrian struck was reported in 49 percent of the fatal pedestrian accidents recorded in 2013. Because higher vehicle speed increases the likelihood of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle and serious injuries resulting in the event of a crash, it is important to address speed concerns where more pedestrian accidents are likely to occur. Based on this study, most fatal pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas at night in non-intersection locations. Therefore, steps should be taken to increase the safety in those areas.

While there are ways to address pedestrian safety, these measures will not prevent these tragic accidents from occurring. Pedestrian accidents have the tendency of being severe and involving serious injuries. Victims are likely to endure much pain and suffering from the injuries and damages suffered in the crash; therefore, it is important to consider what legal recourses are available to accident victims and their loved ones.

Source:, "Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety," accessed May 30, 2016

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