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Dangerous driving is increasing among Arizona drivers

For most drivers, once they obtain their driver's license, he or she will get around primarily by his or her personal vehicle. While this is both an enjoyable and reliable form of transportation, motor vehicles present many dangers to drivers and passengers traveling on roadways throughout the nation. Even when a driver is following the rules of the road and being extra cautious, this does not protect them from a negligent or careless driver who might be distracted, intoxicated or speeding.

According to recent statistics, dangerous driving is a growing trend in the state of Arizona. In fact, the number of dangerous drivers in the state has drastically increased, landing the state in the number six spot on the list of states with the worst drivers.

Based on collected data from 2015, Arizona was ranked number six, which is a huge increase from their 2014 rank of number 14. States were ranked based on their scores that factored the state's fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, factoring the percentage caused by circumstances such as speeding, drunk driving and disobeying traffic laws.

While Arizona drivers ranked low when assessing fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers, coming in at 47, when calculating accidents caused by sober drivers, drivers in Arizona ranked the third most careless.

Careless driving, whether it involves speeding or distractions, is a very dangerous occurrence on the roadways. This not only puts that driver's life in danger but also risks the lives of several others on the roadways. Those harmed by a negligent driver or those who have lost a loved one in a fatal crash should understand there are recourses available. A civil action, such as a personal injury suit or a wrongful death claim, could help those harmed by the accident recover compensation for their losses and damages.

Source: Phoenix News Times, "Arizona Drivers Among Worst in U.S.," Elizabeth Stuart, Dec. 3, 2015

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