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June 2016 Archives

Are Arizona dog owners liable for actions by an aggressive dog?

It is not uncommon for residents in Arizona and elsewhere to own a pet. In fact, some individuals might own several pets of various species. Frequently, pet owners will opt to get a cat or dog for long time companionship. However, pet ownership comes with much responsibility. And when it comes to dog owners, there is not only the duty to confine the dog safely at their property but also to prevent any harm to others the dog comes in contact with.

Dangerous driving is increasing among Arizona drivers

For most drivers, once they obtain their driver's license, he or she will get around primarily by his or her personal vehicle. While this is both an enjoyable and reliable form of transportation, motor vehicles present many dangers to drivers and passengers traveling on roadways throughout the nation. Even when a driver is following the rules of the road and being extra cautious, this does not protect them from a negligent or careless driver who might be distracted, intoxicated or speeding.

Recourses available to victims of a drunk driving crash

Much like a driver or passenger does not expect to be involved in a collision while they are traveling in a vehicle, he or she is likely unprepared to deal with the tremendous amount of losses and damages the accident has caused them to endure. While negligence is often the cause of a car accident, drunk driving is a severe form of negligence and recklessness. Such a negligent driver is likely to cause accident victims much pain and suffering, making it difficult to deal with the aftermath of the crash.

When can a lawsuit be filed after a dog bite?

While caring for a domestic pet like a dog or a cat is common, most do not expect a pet to lash out, bite or attack them when they are visiting the home or property of another. However, because animals are wild creatures, they have the tendency to act vicious in certain situations or circumstances. Nonetheless, in Arizona, liability is placed on a pet owner even if negligence did not directly cause an animal bite or attack of a visitor or trespasser.

Increasing pedestrian safety to prevent auto-pedestrian crashes

As a previous post highlighted, pedestrians face many dangers when they walk in areas where motor vehicles frequent. Whether they are traveling by foot on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, in a crosswalk or on the side of the road, if a driver is not using necessary caution, a serious or even fatal auto-pedestrian accident could ensue. Because of that, motorists and pedestrians in Arizona should be aware of the measures they can take to increase pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian pinned under car following Arizona car accident

Motorists in Arizona must travel among other motorists on the roadways. However, they have to be cautious of more than just other automobiles on the roads. In addition to cars and trucks, cyclists and pedestrians use certain roads to travel to and from their destinations. While it is not uncommon for these various travelers to share the roads, the large size of motor vehicles and the power they are under to travel at high speeds presents many dangers to those traveling by foot or bicycle.

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