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Considering the dog bite treatment and recovery process

As a previous post highlighted, the negligence of a dog owner could result in a serious dog attack. Whether it's an unsuspecting visitor or trespasser, a dog bite is considered a serious injury. Not only can dog teeth cause damage to human skin, nerves, tendon and bones, a dog bite could result is severe deformities. Because of that, victims of a dog attack might have to endure a lengthy dog bite treatment and recovery process.

According to recent statistics, dogs cause 90 percent of all animal bites suffered. Each year, roughly 4.5 million dog bites are recorded and more than 27,000 victims require reconstructive surgery to address the wounds suffered. A dog attack could include various types of injuries that range in severity. These could involve injuries to structure deep beneath the skin, which includes the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels.

There are many concerns present when a victim suffers a dog bite. This frequently includes infections such as tetanus and rabies. This not only requires the wound to be carefully cleaned to reduce infection, but might also require the injured victim to receive vaccinations and medications for potential infections. It should be noted that skin repair does increase the risk of infection; therefore, when a victim receives sutures, that individual should balance the risk of infection with the benefit of better appearing scars.

Because dogs have rounded teeth, the pressure exerted from their jaws is able to cause significant damage to the body parts between their teeth. Victims will likely suffer damage to their skin, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves, which could require them to undergo reconstructive surgery to regain function. According to 2013 statistics, roughly 25,000 dog bite victims required reconstructive surgery and 31 people died from causes related to dog bites.

A dog attack could result in serious and even fatal injuries. Because of that, it is important that victims and their loved ones understand what recourses are available to them following such a tragic event. Victims will likely endure much medical treatment, which means a lengthy and costly recovery process. If a negligent dog owner is liable, a personal injury claim could help offset the financial damages caused by the serious injuries suffered by the victim.

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