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May 2016 Archives

Proposed bills could harm truck safety initiatives

While it is common to see tractor-trailer trucks on Arizona roads, these massive vehicles present several dangers to other travelers. Large trucks often do not maneuver the same way smaller vehicles do, making it difficult to evade potential collisions. Additionally, truck drivers frequently travel long distances, which means they are behind the wheel for an extended period of time. Fatigue can impact a driver’s reaction time, thus leading to truck accidents.

Considering the dog bite treatment and recovery process

As a previous post highlighted, the negligence of a dog owner could result in a serious dog attack. Whether it's an unsuspecting visitor or trespasser, a dog bite is considered a serious injury. Not only can dog teeth cause damage to human skin, nerves, tendon and bones, a dog bite could result is severe deformities. Because of that, victims of a dog attack might have to endure a lengthy dog bite treatment and recovery process.

Helping bite victims prove fault in dog bite case

It is not uncommon for residents in Arizona to have a pet. For dog owners in the state, a fenced in yard is frequently used to accommodate the needs of a dog. However, this gated area does not always keep the dog in or prevent visitors from interacting with a dog. If a dog owner fails to maintain their pet within their yard or does not alert visitors or trespassers of their dog. and a person is bit or harmed by their pet, the owner could be held liable for any injuries or damages suffered.

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