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What kind of surgeries might be required for burn injuries?

Being a burn victim in an accident can leave an individual with much distress and pain. While there are emotional and mental obstacles to overcome in the recovery process, when an accident victim suffers serious burn injuries, he or she might require a lengthy physical treatment plan. This not only focuses on the initial treatment of a burn but also the overall healing process of the burn. Depending on the location of the burn and its severity, this might entail surgical procedures to help with movement and appearance.

What kind of surgeries might be required for burn injuries? If a burn is severe, a victim might have to undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct the damaged area. Prior to such a procedure, an individual will likely require a debridement. This is when dead tissue is removed, and is often required before a reconstruction surgery can begin.

There are various types of surgeries that a plastic surgeon could complete to help a burn victim. The type of surgery is often dependent on the physical, mental and emotional pain experienced by the individual. If a burn victim has limited mobility or is dealing with emotional distress due to his or her appearance, he or she might choose a specific type of reconstructive surgery to meet recovery goals and needs.

One option is a skin graft. This involves the removal of healthy skin from one area of the body for transplantation to the burned area of the body. Another option is tissue expansion, which is a medical procedure that enables an individual's body to grow the extra skin that will be used in his or her reconstruction surgery. This process is accomplished by inserting an instrument known as a balloon expander, which helps stretch the skin.

When any surgery is performed, wound care is required. This means extending the overall recovery process for the burn victim, causing it to last months or even years until full recovery is reached. This can be a very challenging time for burn victims and their loved ones. Suffering a serious burn injury does not only mean a lengthy road towards recovery but also means an accumulation of medical bills. Therefore, it is important that victims are aware of their recourses, especially if another party is at fault for these injuries.

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