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What are the statistics of alcohol-related crashes in Arizona?

When motorists and passengers travel inside of a vehicle, they share the road with a variety of people. While most people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle to so with the intention to uphold their duty to drive safely, others fail to meet this standard. An intoxicated driver is a very dangerous form of negligence on the roadways, and unfortunately is could be the cause of a serious or fatal collision.

What are the statistics of alcohol-related crashes in Arizona? According to the most recent report on automobile collisions in the state, which focused on data from 2014, a total of 109,554 crashes occurred across the state. Of those, 4,887, or 4.46 percent, were alcohol-related crashes. Out of those crashes, 238 were deemed fatal while the remaining 2,118 were categorized as injury causing collisions.

Based on the number of alcohol-related crashes occurring in the state in 2014, this indicates that these types of crashes have declined from the previous year where 5,239 alcohol-related accidents occurred. In fact, these types of crashes have been making a steady decline since 2011.

This report also considered the manner of the collision as well as the first harmful event. In 2014, the most common manner of collision in an alcohol-related crash is being rear-ended. This is followed by making a left turn, being sideswiped while traveling in the same direction and a head-on collision. With regards to the first harmful event, this report found the most common to be a collision with a fixed object, which is followed by the collision with a motor vehicle in transport.

Although this report indicates that there is a decreasing trend in alcohol-related accidents in Arizona, these statistics prove that drunk drivers are still a concerning presence on the roadways. When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they increase their chances of causing a drunk driving crash. Moreover, those harmed in an alcohol-related crash should understand they have recourses available to them. A victim could seek compensation through a civil action for the injuries and damages suffered in the incident.

Source:, "2014 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for the State of Arizona," June 1, 2015

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