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The psychological distress associated with burn injuries

Being involved in a serious accident can affect the lives of victims in Arizona and elsewhere. The pain and suffering endured following an incident and during rehabilitation can be challenging to cope with. This is especially true for those recovering from burn injuries because the amount of physical, mental and emotional pain experienced by an accident victim can be excruciating. Depending on the degree of the burns suffered and how much of a victim's body was impacted, this could be a lengthy recovery process with various obstacles to overcome.

There can be much psychological distress associated with burn injuries. Survivors of severe burn injuries will likely have to undergo numerous medical procedures and surgeries. And even after all these treatments are completed, it is likely that the burn victim will have to undergo rehabilitation to regain movement and even require additional surgery to reduce the appearance of scars and disfigurement.

It can be a long road to recovery for burn victims, and many often report feeling sad, helpless, hopeless, upset, distant from family members, alone and experience difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, relaxing, concentrating and having energy. Survivors of burn injuries spend much time in a hospital, and much of their time there is focused directly on their injuries, treatment and care. This takes the focus off the emotional wellbeing, which frequently results in victims feeling distressed a few days or a few weeks after their initial injury.

There are many causes for victims feeling psychological distress following a burn injury. Survivors might be thinking about the event itself, be worried about their future, stress about their appearance, finding it difficult to deal with the ongoing pain from the healing wounds and experience physical discomfort from the recovery process. Additionally, burn victim often have to deal with major changes in their lifestyle and circumstances, which could lead to psychological distress. He or she is now limited physically, lost their independence and are finding it difficult to return to their normal life.

The pain and suffering associated with a burn injury is only part of the damages and losses incurred by an accident victim. Therefore, if another party harmed a burn victim, he or she might want to consider the recourses available to them. A personal injury claim could help them recover compensation, offsetting the financial hardships caused by the accident.

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