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What should burn victims expect during burn injury recovery?

The injuries suffered in a serious accident can be severe, traumatizing and life altering for accident victims in Arizona and elsewhere. Burn injuries are considered to be one of the most painful injuries due to the intense pain and lengthy recovery process that accompanies these injuries. While minor burns can be treated at home and typically heal within a few weeks, serious burn injury require continuous medical intervention to treat and heal the wound.

What should burn victims expect during burn injury recovery? Victims who have been seriously burned will typically endure second-degree and third-degree burns. These types of burns require medication to control the pain, procedures to remove dead tissue and antibiotics to prevent infection. These steps will help promote the healing of the wound, but many burn victims require months of additional treatments and therapy.

Depending on the severity of the burn and the size of the wound, additional medical procedure might be required to reduce scarring caused by the healing process. Skin grafts are used to replace scar tissue with sections of healthy skin from other parts of their body or from a donor. Plastic surgery is also used for reconstruction and to improve the appearance of scars.

If a burn victim suffers a burn that covers a large area of their body, it might cover joints. The healing process can severely limit a person's ability to move these joints. This might require physical therapy, which can help the burn victim stretch their skin, helping them move their joints and maintain their flexibility. This can also help them improve muscle strength and help them return to their normal daily activities.

The healing and recovery process for serious burn injuries can be lengthy and burn victims will likely endure much pain and suffering during the process. Additionally, victims might not be able to return to their normal life for several months, making it difficult to make an income. Therefore, if another party is responsible for the accident that caused the victim to suffer burn injuries, the victim might have recourses to recover compensation. A personal injury claim could help the victim cover medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages and losses.

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