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Dangers of emotional driving and other distractions while driving

Because most motorists in Arizona drive on a daily basis, it is unlikely that all drivers will be in a good mood each time they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. While bad days do happen, drivers should be aware how their emotions could impact their ability to drive safely. Just like a phone can distract a driver, an emotionally agitated driver can be distracted from the primary task of driving.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the risk of crashing increases almost tenfold when a driver gets behind the wheel when they are observably angry, sad, crying or emotionally agitated. In addition to focusing on mental distraction caused by emotional driving, the study focused on distracted driving in general.

The study found that drivers more than double their chances of being involved in a car accident when they engage in activities that require them to take their eyes of the road. This includes distractions such as using a cellphone or using a touchscreen menu on a vehicle instrument. Based on the findings of this study, researchers found that drivers engage in some form of distracting activity more than 50 percent of the time they are driving.

Researchers found that the younger population of drivers, particularly teen drivers, are more prone to engage in distracting activities while they are driving. Based on the analysis of these findings, researchers suggest that steps should be taken to limit the number of distracting activities in a vehicle in general. Failure to do so could result in even a higher percentage of distracted drivers in the next generation of drivers.

Because driver safety is crucial and all motorists should strive to improve it, it is important that drivers understand the dangers that distracted driving could present. Whether drivers are driving angry, texting while driving or eating while driving, if drivers fail to keep their focus on the primary task of driving, they can cause an accident.

There are recourses available to those harmed in a distracted driving accident. An accident victim could hold a distracted driver liable for the injuries and harms caused by the incident.

Source:, "Researchers determine driver risks using large-scale, crash-only naturalistic database," Feb 23, 2016

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