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March 2016 Archives

Federal trucking regulations to pay attention to in 2016

The trucking industry is a valuable way to ship goods all over the nation. And while large truck serve an important role in intrastate and interstate commerce, drivers in Arizona and elsewhere must share the roadways with semi-trucks, tractor-trailer trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

Helping you explore your options after a truck crash

It is not uncommon for drivers in Arizona to share the road with large trucks as semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks play a pivotal role in intrastate and interstate commerce. And while these large vehicles are resourceful, they do present some potential dangers on the roads they travel on. Often times, truck drivers travel long distances, causing them to drive long hours. A fatigued driver or an improperly maintained truck can easily lead to a serious or even fatal truck crash.

What should burn victims expect during burn injury recovery?

The injuries suffered in a serious accident can be severe, traumatizing and life altering for accident victims in Arizona and elsewhere. Burn injuries are considered to be one of the most painful injuries due to the intense pain and lengthy recovery process that accompanies these injuries. While minor burns can be treated at home and typically heal within a few weeks, serious burn injury require continuous medical intervention to treat and heal the wound.

Dangers of emotional driving and other distractions while driving

Because most motorists in Arizona drive on a daily basis, it is unlikely that all drivers will be in a good mood each time they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. While bad days do happen, drivers should be aware how their emotions could impact their ability to drive safely. Just like a phone can distract a driver, an emotionally agitated driver can be distracted from the primary task of driving.

Back-to-back pedestrian-type accidents serve as a safety reminder

While many residents in Flagstaff use motor vehicles to get around, sidewalks and crosswalks in the area and throughout the state of Arizona still get a lot of foot traffic. Whether people are only a pedestrian for a short amount of time, such as during the walk from their car to a building, or they are using their feet or a bicycle are their primary means of transportation, it is important that motorists are attentive of non-vehicles traveling on or near the roadway.

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