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How can oversized loads lead to serious truck accidents?

When Arizona residents encounter commercial motor vehicle carriers on the roads, these are likely tractor-trailer trucks and semi-trucks. While these are very common vehicles to find in the commercial trucking industry, commercial motor vehicles are also used to carry oversized loads such as a trailer home, construction machines, materials or tools and other large items. When such large items are transported on the roads, additional safety features are used. While signaling to other drivers that an oversized load is ahead is important, this does not evade all risks and dangers.

How can oversized loads lead to serious truck accidents? One major impact oversized loads have to the roadways across the nation is the possibility of colliding with a bridge. When an oversized load interacts with a bridge, this can disrupt the overall structure of the bridge. This unfortunately could cause the bridge to malfunction and even collapse. Such a situation could put many motorists in harms way.

Whether an oversized load strikes a sway brace while traveling on top of a bridge or hits a bridge beam while traveling under a bridge, there are ways to reduce the impact oversized loads have of bridges. The best way to address this issue is to preplan the route of the commercial vehicle carrying the oversized load and acquiring any necessary permits for the transportation of the oversized load.

Having accurate dimensions of the oversized load will help determine the correct path, which bridges the vehicle will be able to travel on and under and obtain the necessary escort drivers during the transportation of the oversized load.

If a truck accident results because there was a failure to preplan a route and obtain permits, this could show cause and liability for the incident. Those harmed in the accident caused by an oversized load could seek compensation for their serious injuries and damages suffered.

Source:, "The Impact of Oversize Loads on Our Nation's Bridges," Dec. 2015

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