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February 2016 Archives

What is the liability for dog bites in Arizona?

Today, it is not uncommon to walk by a house that has a dog in the yard. While many residents in Arizona and elsewhere in the nation have dogs as pets, there are many responsibilities when it comes to owning a dog. While the dog owner is required to care for the dog, the person is also required to ensure the safety of those coming in contact with their dog.

Type of burn injuries and burn injury treatment

Serious incidents -- such as an automobile accident -- often leave victims with several serious injuries. In some cases, an injured victim will suffer burns on their body, resulting in tremendous pain and suffering. This type of injury can be very traumatic and difficult to recover from; however, based on the type of burn the victim suffered, the course of treatment can vary. Because of that, it is important to understand the severity of the burn. This could help the victim and their loved ones gain a better understanding of the burn injury treatment the person will undergo and how long the healing process could take.

Helping accident victims after a truck accident

The trucking industry plays a major role in intrastate and interstate commerce, which often results in high levels of commercial truck traffic in Arizona and other states across the nation. While it is important to deliver goods across the state or to another state, commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers and semi-trucks, pose several risks on the roadways. These vehicles are much larger than other vehicles and do not maneuver and stop the same way a passenger vehicle does. Because of that, trucks are likely to cause tragic collisions involving serious injuries and even fatalities.

How can oversized loads lead to serious truck accidents?

When Arizona residents encounter commercial motor vehicle carriers on the roads, these are likely tractor-trailer trucks and semi-trucks. While these are very common vehicles to find in the commercial trucking industry, commercial motor vehicles are also used to carry oversized loads such as a trailer home, construction machines, materials or tools and other large items. When such large items are transported on the roads, additional safety features are used. While signaling to other drivers that an oversized load is ahead is important, this does not evade all risks and dangers.

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