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How often do accident victims suffer burn injuries?

A car accident is a very unfortunate and unexpected event to be involved in. Most victims in car crashes will suffer various injuries, which sometimes include rather severe wounds. Burn injuries are frequently considered serious and could cause a victim to endure lengthy medical treatment to fully or partially recover from them. Whether an accident victim suffers burn injuries or other serious wounds in a crash, it is important to consider ways he or she could recover physically and financially, especially if another party caused the crash.

How often do accident victims suffer burn injuries? According to a recent burn incident and treatment report, 486,000 burn injuries received medical treatment in 2011. This was based on information from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Car Survey, which provides estimates of individuals being admitted to the hospital or visiting the hospital emergency department for the purpose of being treated for burn injuries.

Based on data collected by the National Hospital Discharge Survey, in 2010 40,000 patients were hospitalized for burn injuries. This number included the 30,000 patients that were admitted at hospital burn centers.

Based on data collected by the American Burn Association from 2003 and 2012, the survival rate of those admitted to burn centers during this time period was 96.7 percent. This data also found that fire was the cause of admission to the burn center in 43 percent of patients. With regards of the place of occurrence for burn injuries, the vast majority occurred at home and accounted for 73 percent of patients admitted. For those burned in a car accident, it was determined that five percent of patients admitted to the burn centers were burned on the street or highway.

A burn injury can be a difficult injury to suffer. It could cause temporary disability, limited mobility, disfigurement and much pain and suffering. Additionally, rehabilitation for burn injuries often means continuous medical treatment and even surgeries. The recovery process is not only lengthy but also costly, causing an accident victim much financial hardship. In these matters, victims could file a civil action against a negligent driver in order to recover compensation to cover medical bills, damages and other losses.

Source:, "Burn Incidence and Treatment in the United States: 2015," accessed Jan. 4, 2016

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