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January 2016 Archives

Nighttime hazards pose many risks to Arizona motorists

Unfortunately, motorists across the nation encounter hazards of various kinds while traveling on major and minor roadways. Even when drivers follow the rules of the road and use reasonable care while behind the wheel, this cannot protect him or her from unexpected dangers such as inclement weather or negligent drivers.

One killed, another injured in Arizona drunk driving crash

Drivers in Arizona might witness small forms of negligence on the road every time they travel in a vehicle. This might be a car speeding by them, a car traveling too closely behind them or a driver failing to use a turn signal. While these acts of negligence could lead to a minor accident, more serious forms of negligence behind the wheel, such as drunk driving, tend to cause serious and even fatal accidents.

Economic recovery available to car accident victims

Being involved in a serious accident is not only unexpected but also life altering for Arizona residents. Even when a driver is following the rules of the road and traveling safely on the roadway, this does not protect the driver and their passengers from the negligence of other drivers. Victims of a car accident are often left with many hardships causing physical, emotional and financial pain.

How often do accident victims suffer burn injuries?

A car accident is a very unfortunate and unexpected event to be involved in. Most victims in car crashes will suffer various injuries, which sometimes include rather severe wounds. Burn injuries are frequently considered serious and could cause a victim to endure lengthy medical treatment to fully or partially recover from them. Whether an accident victim suffers burn injuries or other serious wounds in a crash, it is important to consider ways he or she could recover physically and financially, especially if another party caused the crash.

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