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Car collides with emergency police SUV causing multi-car accident

Last week our blog informed our readers that Arizona has a Move Over Law which been in place since 2005. The law requires motorists to change lanes cautiously or slow down if a lane change is not possible when approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that has its emergency lights on, such as a police vehicle.

Though this law has been on the books for almost a decade, car accidents involving emergency vehicles on Arizona roads still occur, causing not only additional accidents but also injuries to other motorists and emergency personnel rendering help to accident victims. Recently, two Arizona police officers who were investigating a car accident sustained serious injuries when a Toyota truck slammed into the back of their police SUV. According to a police spokesperson, the two police officers were investigating a car accident and were in the authorized police vehicle when the collision happened.

The force of the crash was so strong that as a result of the initial collision the police vehicle spun out of control onto the street, and the truck then crashed into a school bus. The school bus was hauling at least 12 children at the time of impact, but thankfully none of the children sustained any injuries.

The accident is still under investigation, but preliminary reports indicate that law enforcement personnel investigating the matter are looking into whether impairment played a role in the multi-car accident. The Move Over Law requires motorists to slow down or move over to the next lane if possible. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries to not only other unsuspecting motorists, but also emergency personnel who are there to simply protect and serve.

Source: AZ Central, "Phoenix police SUV involved in 3-vehicle crash," Paulina Iracka and Courtney Mally, Sept. 20, 2015

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