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October 2015 Archives

Watch out for potential dog attacks during Halloween

Halloween is often associated with fall colors, pumpkin carving and trick or treating. However, this time of year brings up many more concerns than just what type of candy one will get or whether something on the property of a homeowner will scare him or her. Because trick or treaters will be entering the property of neighbors and strangers, it is important to understand certain risks and dangers that could be present.

Understanding animal bite laws in Arizona

It is not uncommon for Arizona residents to encounter animals. Whether it is a household pet, a farm animal or a wild animal, individuals should use a certain level of care when interacting with an animal. While many household pets such as a dog or a cat are usually friendly and safe to encounter, some animals pose risks. Because of that, those harmed by these pets should understand what rights he or she has if they sustain an animal bite.

What are the common treatments for burin injuries?

A burn injury is often a very painful and difficult wound to heal from. Depending on the type of accident and the degree of severity of the injury, victims could suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. If the burn is major, this could be a lengthy and painful treatment resulting in months of intense medical care. Because of this, it is important to understand whether another party was at fault in the serious accident that led to the burn injuries. This could help the victim hold them responsible; ensuring the victim receives the necessary care to heal their wounds.

Helping victims obtain compensation for burn injuries

Being involved in a car accident is often unexpected. Additionally, the aftermath of the collision could be life-altering for an injured victim. When a serious collision occurs, the health and well-being of the victim is usually the primary concern; however, the financial burdens associated with recovery and rehabilitation could be daunting, making it a top priority for victims and their loved ones. After suffering severe injuries in a collision, it is important for victims and their loved ones to understand his or her remedies and how they could hold another party liable for these damages.

Car collides with emergency police SUV causing multi-car accident

Last week our blog informed our readers that Arizona has a Move Over Law which been in place since 2005. The law requires motorists to change lanes cautiously or slow down if a lane change is not possible when approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that has its emergency lights on, such as a police vehicle.

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